Don’t Ever F*** With The Media

As new photographic evidence confirms that Congressman Anthony Weiner doesn’t quite “rise to the occasion”, many question if this will be what ends his political career – It will not be. Weiner’s career imploded the moment he called police on CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer. Attacking the media is a sin so grave that Moses didn’t even bother to add it to the Ten Commandments because he couldn’t fathom anyone would actually commit it.

Regardless of who you are or what position you hold, here’s what you need to know about the press: They are the gatekeepers of communication with the world.


As individuals, most media professionals have above average-high intelligence. They’re well read. They’re under constant pressure to make deadlines and make their mark in a ridiculously completive field that has less job security than being coach of a New York sports team. On average, they engage in 100 phone conversations a day and it’s a sure bet half those calls will be from people pitching stories that are completely irrelevant to their beat. Younger Media Professionals often work overnight shifts and don’t see the sun on a regular basis again until their late 20’s. One thing each Media Professional has in common is their mission to deliver exceptional content to their audience and to their boss.

All Media Professionals are moralists. Pieces of their values and belief system (unless overridden by their bosses) are evident in the words they use, the pictures they take, the tonality of their voice, and the video the use in their news packages. Despite all the bad press the press has gotten over the years for simply being the press, it’s abundantly obvious that many do wish to change the world for the better.

As a collective, the media seeks to bring to the attention of its viewers, listeners, readers news that they deem to be of the utmost importance and news that they deem will captivate the attention. When public interest peaks in a particular story, swarms of bees get schooled at how the media digs, pry’s, questions, provokes, and investigates. They are relentless until the story resolved or until public interest drops.

The power of the press is simply awesome especially if you’re the victim of a major injustice and they rally on your side (the media relishes the role of Superman). The power of the press is also the most destructive force in the universe especially when you happen to be the object of their ire.

Prior to finally confessing the truth, Anthony Weiner was abrasive & harsh on the media for merely asking him these questions (all while lying through his teeth). He was trying to make the media feel bad or ashamed for something that generations of Americans had sacrificed their lives for: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, and Freedom to ask questions without fear of persecution. When Weiner called the police on CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer, he became Enemy #1 of the press.

It’s interesting but, regardless of how competitive journalists are with each other they will not stand for an attack on their own. Not only that, they will put in extra hours and work that much harder to ensure the originator of the attack never sees a positive mention in any media venue again. What we’re witnessing right now is a scorned media that’s obliterating their attacker (Weiner) and they haven’t even gotten started.

At Goldman McCormick, we passionately teach our Junior Publicists to not only have the utmost respect for the press but, to always be straightforward with them and never BS them. We also tell our Jr’s that not being truthful to the press will absolutely kill their careers. We highly recommend that you heed this advice as well.

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